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Nicky Scanni begins his career in 1981. At only 14 Years Old works for a Radio Station BARI RADIO GAMMA in his hometown, in Italy.
Two years later at 16, not only he writes his first song: I DJ di BARI RADIO GAMMA, but he also becomes the Youngest DJ to win a competition


a picture of this trophy is present in the gallery and the Youngest ever to spin in a Private Club: CELLAR CLUB

Nicky Scanni Biography   Nicky Scanni Demand Increases and he Travels All Over Italy and Overseas, where he finds home in Miami Beach, Florida.
Nicky Scanni DJ And Producer (Italy)

Since 1994 Nicky Scanni performs at the Best Club there is: "Bash" until the late 1997, remixes "Will to Will" for "S.F.P. Records" and Produces "Alone" included in various Compilations like:


In 1997/98 He is the resident DJ at the legendary "The Living Room".
In 1998/99 Nicky Scanni moves to "CHAOS".

For the Millennium Party Nicky Scanni spins at the Red Room of: "Level" - Now Called - "Mansion". This Club was the only one in South Beach to reach is full capacity.
In the Year 2000 Nicky Scanni is @"Crobar" where He spins Fridays in the V.I.P. and Saturdays in the Main Room.

In 2001 Nicky Scanni is at:"BAR ROOM" - Now Called - "SET". In the same period He produces "Big Tock" by 3TOLO included in his
Continuously Live Mixed Compilation "F@%K IBIZA" Distributed by "Sony Music."

In 2002, Nicky Scanni is at: "Nikki Beach" and the same Year the Club becomes one of the Best 10 Clubs in The World.

In 2003, Nicky Scanni is at "B.E.D." as well, Awarded Best Club in the World.
Nicky Scanni decides to kick some more productions out. He teams up with Stephan M. and releases "GO DEEPER" with "S.F.P.Records"

Soon this track creates an International Buzz on ""
DJ "Saeed Younan" Remixes Go Deeper making it, the Top Downloaded Song for over 5 weeks.

One Year later Nicky Scanni moves Back to Europe, where He spins in:
"Albany", "Croatia", "Denmark", "England", "France", "Germany", and "Italy".

Nicky Scanni is working on productions that fuses the new electronic sounds with the classic house music

707 Melted House is the name of the project and New Audio Productions are Scheduled to be Released.



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